Disruptive Technologies

Growing business in the 21st century means embracing and introducing disruptive technologies into your organization's everday life. Our consultants can help you assess the potential uses of emerging new solutions and technologies and are able to participate in the introduction and localization projects of several disruptive technologies, from AI-based tools to Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions.

Large organizations are currently facing many challenges that are amplifying each other's effect on the operational costs and profit increasing opportunities:

  • Employee shortages: many developed and developing economies face major employee shortages due to weakening demographics which means higher HR costs and longer recruitement times for large organizations.
  • High employee turnover rate: because of the labor shortages organizations are more and more aggresively try to offer positions to the competition's employees, which results an increase in the employee turnover rate. Higher employee turnover rate means rapidly increasing sunken costs and deficit in the enterprise knowledge base (e.g. users are performing tasks in a critical system without actually knowing what they are doing).
  • Digital-first attitude of customers and business partners: digital natives tend to rely less on face-to-face contacts, rather they are demanding and using electronic channels for accessing products/services.

Advocate strategic consultants can provide consulting services for solving the above mentioned challenges by introducing new, disruptive technologies into the organization's IT architecture, such as:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): because of the higher employee turnover rate and shortage, many repetitive tasks (mainly back office activities) can be automated with the introduction of RPA applications.
  • Chatbots for internal help-desk: many tasks within the organization that traditionally requires human operations from the IT helpdesk can be automated by a properfly configured, self-teaching chatbot (e.g. user administration processes, network access configuration, even smaller workstation troubleshooting).
  • Smart Contracts: with the help smart contracts which is a computer protocol that digitally facilitates, verifies, or enforces the negotiation or performance of a contract, several legal contracts and financial transactions (e.g. OTC derivative transactions and contracts) could be executed in a cheaper, more secure and automated way.
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