IT and Digital Transformations

Digital transformation affects both the IT and the business stakeholders, since for a succesful digital transformation not only the IT landscape renewal is a must, but business decision makers must also understand and use the digital-first attitude during product and process development. Our consultants can help your organization creating an executable digital transformation strategy and help realizing it.

Digital-first attitude has become a must for the majority of the companies in the Financials / Banking / Insurance industry. Market participants have realized the target customers are more and more became digital natives (people who have grown up in the digital age) which meant a huge challenge in the following areas:

  • Less face-to-face contact: digital native customers are not reaching out for offline, face-to-face contacts in order to use the provided services.
  • Mobile-first attitude: prospective customers are using more their smart phones and tablets than their regular PC, so phone-optimized online applications and presence is a must.
  • Digitally sold/distributed products and services: because of the above mentioned, market participants' products and services must be able to be sold or distributed through e-channels.

Advocate strategic consultants have helped industry leaders tackle the challenges by planning and facilitating several organizational and IT architectural / infrastructural changes:

  • Legacy System upgrades: leading and participating in legacy system upgrades with a strong cooperation with the legacy system vendors.
  • Adapting digital-first attitude: help product developers and managers adapt digital-first attitude during product development and design by identifying process and legal bottlenecks and help solving the issues.
  • IT architectural changes: help architectural renewal projects with a strong focus on enterprise architecture principles.
  • New system introductions: help organizations introduce new systems in order to tackle the challenges by providing consulting services for the full project lifecycle, from the RFP-phase to the implementation phase.

Advocate Strategic Consultants have several years of experience in leading and driving IT transformation and digital transformation-related projects across the Financials industry.

Digital Transformations

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