Artificial Intelligence

As more and more multinational firms are launching projects that are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with proven success stories, the use of AI-related solutions is going to change the entire business and operational environment. Our consultants can help your organization assessing your needs and requirements and selecting and introducing the right AI-based solution, from AI-heavy chatbots to data-driven self-teaching classification engines.

Large organizations are currently facing many challenges that are amplifying each other's effect on the operational costs and profit increasing opportunities:

  • Digital-first attitude of customers: digital natives tend to rely less on face-to-face contacts, rather they are demanding and using electronic channels for customer service or purchases.
  • Demand for tailor-made products and services: customers more and more demand tailor-made solutions (both products and services) that fit their personal requirements. Traditionally, tailor-made products and services meant a higher margin with more operational costs, but in a competitive business environments large organizations are accepting lower and lower margins, therefore expenses must be kept at bay by providing unique solutions in an automated way.

Advocate strategic consultants can provide consulting services for solving the above mentioned challenges by introducing AI-based applications and systems into the organization's IT architecture, such as:

  • Chatbots: for providing automated customer services on electric channels, a correctly configured, self-teaching chatbot can help lower the cost of customer service operations.
  • Data-driven self-teaching Business Intelligence tools: with the help of already available data on customers, a self-teaching classification/recommendation engine can help provide tailor-made products and services. Other self-teaching Business Intelligence tools can also be used to harness the power of the underlying data to provide further insights on operations.
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