About us

Advocate Strategic Consulting is a Budapest-based IT Consulting Company providing specialized consulting services for the Financials (Banking, Insurance, Fund Management) and Pharmaceutical industries.

We are working with more than a hundred Developers, Consultants and Project Managers who have in-depth knowledge in several knowledge domains, from Core Banking to Treasury, from Business Intelligence to Regulatory Compliance.

Our company is focusing on establishing and maintaining Strategic Partnerships with our clients, to be able to help our clients operate and work in a fast-paced, always changing business environment. Currently, we have established 15 strategic partnerships with several multinational firms, proudly serving many of them since the birth of our company.


Steigler Kata

Managing Director

After getting a degree in Economics I was able to get significant work experience in the field of corporate management and finance with a chance of getting to know the main problems large corporations face today. As Managing Director I'm using my knowledge and experience to help navigate the company and our partners in a fast-paced business environment.

Jánvári Ákos


I’ve been managing and delivering mission-critical projects for more than 15 years in the Financials and Telco industries for a wide range of business domains (workout,legal compliance, retail and corporate lending). I became a business partner in 2012, since then, my main focus is to manage and provide full-spectrum consulting and development services for our strategic partners.

Tóth Márk Phd


My scientific interest in Economics never kept me in the academic ivory tower. Because of my never-fading love of numbers and of the processes of Economics, I consider myself lucky to be part of a company that operates in the most interesting intersection of modern-day Financials and Information Technology.

Sebestyén András


Before joining Advocate in 2010 I was working for Budapest Stock Exchange and Raiffeisen Bank in business and in IT divisions, both in expert and later in management positions. After I became a business partner in 2012, my primary objective is to ensure the highest level of service and customer satisfaction of our consulting and development projects.

Egressy Attila

Head of Sales

Being responsible for the future of the company my goal is to further increase the company’s market position relying on our edge - the high level of customer satisfaction and the company’s talent pool.

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